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post production.
conceptual design.


Vogue Italia, GQ France, GQ Germany, MAX Magazine, FHM Germany, Jesus Luz, Marcus Schenkenberg, QVC, Wayne and Annemarie Carpendale, Giulia Siegel, Marco Engelhardt, Callisti, Aetheree, Schwarzkopf, K-Swiss, Eniqua Beachclubwear, LT1 Television, Bundesheer Austria

Erik Bont is an austrian based portrait, fashion and advertising photographer, as also a conceptual artist. Since 2005 he has been an experimental photographer who worked with exclusive clients all over the world. He’s a trendsetter and leading creative who’s absolutely passionate about art and photography and he loves to share his knowledge with you - thinking beyond the status quo - catching emotions to elevate your personality or brand - exploring the way you and your customers think and focuses on your personality or brand message to finally come up with an iconic vision.

Erik Bont is specialized in cutting-edge, extravagant and oppulent photography, conceptual design and post production. For the indulgence of the extreme his unique style creates iconic pictures that will be uncommon and remarkable. Erik Bont collaborates with his trailblazing team, to make you or your brand stand out and get utterly memorable.

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