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The "X-series" is still in progress. The target of this series is to give the audience the feeling of a "self experienced sex adventure" - like the auditor would remember it years later. The most shots have been double exposed, to represent "no clear memory" of the auditor (the memory is fading away over the years). Some shots are single exposed, to represent the woman as herself.

X-SERIES #2 - Limited Edition 1 of 12

Excluding Sales Tax |
  • Limited Edition of 12 (in summary - regardless of the size of the artwork). All limited editions signed and numbered by Erik Bont on verso.


    Immediately after your order, your work of art will be ordered unframed as a real photo print on Alu-Dibond, covered with acrylic glass (UltraHD refined - gallery quality) and provided with a mounting bracket. After printing, the signature and numbering takes place. The ordered work will then be delivered directly to your address by a forwarding department - of course covered by insurance!


    Don't hesitate to contact me for framed variations, other sizes or any further questions!

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