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For me photography in combination with art is the greatest passion in life and a great way to express my own thoughts. As an artist and photographer, I believe that learning - for beginners, semiprofessionals and professionals - is one of the most important points in a career that makes you finally stand out. It's important to consistently push your boundaries and learn new techniques to express your vision in your special kind of way.

So are you thinking about becoming self-employed with photography in order to work freely and flexibly and would you like to gain more knowledge and know-how in workshops, coachings or quick troubleshootings? Or would you like to learn from a professional to prevent fear of failure at photo shoots and be more sure of yourself? Or do you just want to deliver the high-end images that your customer deserves?

Then my workshop offer is just right for you!

Choose exactly the part(s) of my 3-Session workshop offer that suits you and book on the date that fits you best. Or book all 3 sessions in a row to get one complete workshop with all topics included and look forward to 3 great days in a row. This way you are as flexible as your valuable time allows!

Or have you just always wanted to observe an artist actively putting one of his works of art into practice - or you know someone for whom this unique day would be a great gift? Then pick the "OBSERVE THE ARTIST" package!

But maybe you only have 2 or 3 short questions that keep coming up and won't let you sleep peacefully, or you need somshort-term retouching helpSurely, there is no need to book a whole workshop session only for that purpose! That's why I am also here to help and support you 30 minutes long, on your desired date, to answer your short questions quick 'n' dirty. So for immediate help book the "Quick 'n dirty 30 Minutes" package and you can count on my help whenever necessary!


- The workshop language can be either German (mother tongue) or English!

-  all prices beneath are exclusive of VAT.

“I had the pleasure to participate in the "Produce" and "Retouch" workshop. It turned out, that the 1:1 formula really was the best choice. I already had a quite good photography vision. But Erik kick-started my next steps and helped me to focus on what is important in fashion photography! Since the workshop I am also constantly in contact with Erik.


Lately, he helped me out with a problem due to chromatic aberration when shooting at 1.4 - during the "Quick'n Dirty" session, the problem was adressed and solved in 20 minutes."

Pascal Corbat, Photographer

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