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Celebration unleashed! Immerse yourself in a whimsical world where traditions collide with bold rebellion with Birthday Crusher. This captivating photo paints a humorous yet serious depiction at the same time.

In this one brief moment of an exuberant Sweet 16 party, a seductive figure in high-quality lingerie takes center stage. Balloons and an eye-catching “Happy Birthday” banner set the stage for this scene, contrasting with the chaos unfolding below. Still with the roller skates on her feet - which she came to the party with - she playfully disrupts the exuberant celebrations and embodies the spirit of happy chaos. She kneels on the table - half in the cake regardless of the losses - and with every single bite of the delicious birthday cake she indulges more and more in the gluttony that is so enjoyable for us humans - which is actually a mortal sin. Just as the apple takes up the theme of sin in “Adam and Eve,” here the object – the delicious cake – becomes the symbol of the sin of gluttony. The seductive figure plays the role of Eva.

"Birthday Crusher" is a whimsical exploration of the unexpected moments that fill life with humor and spontaneity, yet it seriously addresses the theme of gluttony - greed and excess - in today's society. Is humanity, through its greed and self-indulgence, on a constant path of sin?

BIRTHDAY CRUSHER - Limited Edition 1 of 12

Excluding Sales Tax |
  • Limited Edition of 12 (in summary - regardless of the size of the artwork). All limited editions signed and numbered by Erik Bont on verso.


    Immediately after your order, your work of art will be ordered unframed as a real photo print on Alu-Dibond, covered with acrylic glass (UltraHD refined - gallery quality) and provided with a mounting bracket. After printing, the signature and numbering takes place. The ordered work will then be delivered directly to your address by a forwarding department - of course covered by insurance!


    Don't hesitate to contact me for framed variations, other sizes or any further questions!

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